Are you a Wine Connoisseur? Just dabble in a glass or two? Well, let us help you experience the world of wine. Join our wine club the next time you're in the store and, a few times a year, we'll invite you to wine dinners, tastings, offer discounts and other members-only offerings.You will receive two wines every month carefully selected to meet your tastes and to expose you to new ones. And we'd love to hear what you'd like to see in the future.

The Greeley Wine Club hopes to raise the level of wine knowledge and the quality of the wine buying experience in Greeley. It's a fact that an informed consumer is a happier consumer. Similar to our weekly Wine Education & Tastings we want to do more than just offer "wines" in an effort to sell something. We want to expose you to the nuances of wines and the nuances of winemaking to give you a richer appreciation of the product and of the process that produces it.

We talk in terms of two types of wines:

1) "Commodity wines."

These are mass produced, widely available and with a limited amount of attention paid to the fruit by the growers and a limited amount of attention from the winemaker. They are often "household names" due to the large marketing budgets of their corporate owners. And, they are available almost everywhere.

2) "Estate wines."

These are craft wines, limited production. The wineries typical grow their own fruit ("estate"), frequently the fruit is "vineyard specific" (you could identify with a GPS exactly where the fruit was grown), the winemakers have personal identities and are actively involved in every step from vineyard to the glass. The production and availability of the wine is often limited. Highland Park Liquors has a very nice selection of these wines.

Estate wineries fit clearly into today's consciousness of buying from local farmers' markets and paying attention to what we eat and drink. Disappearing today, they are the wineries that often grow all of the grapes that go into their wines. Simply put: these producers are as much farmers as they are winemakers.

Our focus at the Greeley Wine Club is to focus on what is special. Estate wines fit this objective.

Care to join us? Learn more? Inquire at Highland Park Liquors today!