Spirits! We live in a golden age of spirits! It's true. There are stunning, handcrafted bourbons available today that never before reached such a large audience. The world of Tequila is almost exploding with small batch bottling that show off the pure flavor of the agave plant. Gins are not just for tonic anymore and the galaxy of new, lovingly made vodkas can just take your breath away.

At Highland Park Liquors we specialize in a few things: craft beers, single malt scotch, fine California wines, but what we really like is quality. A product that is well made, by someone who cares about what they are doing, is what inspires us. That's why this revolution in the spirits world makes us so happy.

Browse through our spirits selection. Look at the great new products from Colorado. Don't forget Rye, the original American spirit that is making a comeback. And sample the Canadians.

Gins are no longer the mass produced flavor-challenged mixers of the fifties, but a delicate arrangement of botanical ingredients.

Vodka, the pure distillation of grain (or potatoes or even grapes), has come a long way. We know there's more to vodka than screwdrivers.

Tequila, too, is showing off its sophisticated side. The single village bottlings show what different regions of Mexico have to offer as well.

Rums are coming in from all manners of sources these days, in various depths of colors and ages.

Finally, the sweet liqueurs and dessert wines are the perfect end to a meal. Explore and enjoy!